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Playing on live casino

live casino, playing, casino, play, online, play onlineAt first, it might seem a bit scary to play online. People tend to think that it’s all a scam where they will just take your money and leave you broke before you know it. That is definitely not what online casino is all about. The technology has come a long way since the early days of the industry. Now, there are plenty of laws and regulations surrounding casino games online. Digital slots are extremely common, and most of them will give you more than 95% of your money back. These days, though, a new trend is showing up across the globe: the trend of live casino.

So how to play on live casino?

Live casino is the next step of the evolution of online gaming, and it enables you to experience a true casino – right from your living room. You will be playing against real people through your computer. Live casino is a growing trend, and most casinos have already included a section with live games on their sites. I have been playing live casino for quite a while, and they have brought me so much joy that evenings without live casino are becoming rare. I prefer video slots and other digitally animated games, but live casino is the obvious next step.

live casino, playing, casino, play, online, play onlineAll you need to do is register an account at an online casino with live games among their selection. Deposit some funds, and go to the live casino section. Open a Blackjack, Roulette, or Baccarat table, and you are ready to go! Instead of digital tables, you will see real people holding the cards and moving the chips around. You can even chat with your host, that’s how far the technology has come.

Do note, however, that the betting limits in live casino are higher. You cannot bet ten pence per round, for example. It is just like in an online casino. These types of games will probably dominate the online gaming community for years to come. Therefore, I decided to get accustomed to them now. With the right strategy, you can raise your chances of winning substantially. With twenty pounds, you can play for an hour. Entertainment deluxe! Until VR and the equipment surrounding the Virtual Reality industry becomes common, live casino will remain the easiest way to experience a real casino atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.

Slots with progressiv jackpots

slots, progressive jackpots, slot, jackpots, jackpotJackpots are a common thing in the world of online casino games. More or less every game has a jackpot. Jackpots are the single highest paying combinations in any given casino game. If the highest amount you can win from a particular slot machine is five thousand dollars, then that is the jackpot. However, there is something called a progressive jackpot. The jackpots are made up of huge prize pools collected from thousands of players across the globe, and they can reach soaring heights. There are actually several of these progressive jackpots, and some of them have already been included in the Guinness Book of World Records. So, I play these slots from time to time, hoping that the next huge win will be mine.

More about slots with progressive jackpots

The slot machines with progressive jackpots are just as much fun as other popular slots, but the feeling of several million pounds hanging in the air makes this an even more exciting experience. The most famous slot machines with a progressive jackpot are Mega Fortune Dreams and Mega Moolah. Both of these have jackpots worth millions of pounds – sometimes these prize pools can reach more than fifty million!

It is all fairly simple. For every spin you make, a small part of the stake will end up in a prize pool shared by everyone who is playing the game. As soon as a winning combination is found on one of these slot machines, the total prize pool will be awarded. Sometimes, it is awarded spontaneously to a player who is spinning the wheels. Many players are, in fact, hunting for these slot machines. They do give you the chance to completely change your life, so players all over the world are combining entertainment with dreams of a luxury existence. Try out Mega Moolah, or my personal favourite – Hall of Gods. The latter is an awesome, themed slot which regularly turns people into millionaires.

American vs European Roulette

I’m not an avid roulette player, I must confess. Video slots and jackpot games are more my cup of tea. However, from time to time, there is a craving for a few rounds of roulette to which I always seem to succumb. American and European Roulette provide an old atmosphere, a special feeling that is not present when I spin the slot machine wheels. With time, I have learned to understand the differences between the different types of roulette. Here is a quick explanation so that you know what to expect and what to play.

European Roulette

european roulette, american roulette, roulette, slot machine, casino, video, slot, play, spinThis is clearly the most common roulette – the beloved one. If you jump into a random roulette table, chances are high that it’s the European variant that is being played. European roulette grew right out of the French version, which is the classic one. Since the French had their own expressions written on the roulette tables, a European version quickly emerged. This is the standard roulette, with red/black bets, numbers from 1 to 36 and a green 0 which represents “the house”. European Roulette is quite easy to learn, since we have seen it being played in various films. You place your money on a specific number, and hope that the small ball lands on it after a spin of the wheel. You are free to place stakes on different outcomes, or combinations of numbers. With a bit of luck, you can make more money than you lose. I have come out even – even after a couple of hours playing roulette online. With a bit of patience, I could probably have made some money, but there is always the possibility of losing as well.

American Roulette

european roulette, american roulette, roulette, slot machine, casino, video, slot, play, spinFrom time to time, you might find yourself in front of an American roulette wheel. These are almost identical to their European counterparts. However, you will find two zeroes on the American variant. You might not even notice it at first, but if you see the 0 and 00 together, it is best to quit your game then and there. American Roulette is more advantageous to the house because of these zeroes, meaning you will lose more money in the long run. Hence, the question – why play on a table that gives you a lesser advantage? European Roulette is easier to find, and the French type has the same RTP (theoretical return per player).

I tried Gold Lab and this is what I think

gold lab, gold lab slot, slot machine, online, casino, slotI have been playing slot machines for a while now, and have my own list of favourites which I always go to at the beginning of the night. However, there is such a huge selection of slots available that it is impossible to get stuck on a few games. I do explore other shores from time to time, follow up on the newest titles, and pay attention to the news. Just recently I tried Gold Lab, a cool slot machine which really caught my attention. It’s Quickspin that created this new slot, and their games have never let me down. With a high RTP, I can make sure to try out the game with medium-sized stakes, and see what they are all about without noticing a big change in my account balance.

Gold Lab is all about alchemy

All about turning stuff into gold. This is a modern, exciting slot machine that will have you jumping out of your seat – if you are anything like me, that is. Gold Lab is fast, colourful, and fun, with the crazy scientist jumping around and spewing out money. Particularly, I liked the small animations and the sound effects. These made the biggest impression on me, together with the free spins that seem to show up all the time. Gold Lab has 25 paylines and broad betting options, just like most other games from Quickspin. This means that you could try it out with a couple of pounds and see how it goes. For me, five pounds lasted about half an hour, and after playing a few rounds more I suddenly won almost all of it back.

gold lab, gold lab slot, slot machine, online, casino, slot

What really helps is the Golden Bonus, where some symbols turn to wilds and activate a number of respins. With some luck, you can see more free spins come your way during these respins, and with a solid stake, this can turn into a decent win within a few minutes. It is all about the golden symbols in this slot machine. Any of the regular symbols can have a golden edge, and if three or more of these show up on the screen at the same time, your reels will spin again without any further cost to you.

All in all, I liked Gold Lab. It’s not my favourite slot machine, but it has everything a modern slot lover needs. It is fun, it is animated, it has 3D-details, it has decent payouts, and a cool special function which raises your possibilities. The folks at Quickspin really know what they are doing, and Gold Lab is a testimony to why this slot developer is among the best in the industry.

No deposit bonuses

no deposit, deposit, casino, bonus, online, casino bonusesI have my favourite online casinos where I spend most of my time. They give great bonuses and offer me special deals, as well as cool competitions where free cash is up for grabs. At the same time, I do not want to miss other campaigns on the net. Just because one place is good to play, it doesn’t mean that you cannot explore further. You don’t go to the same bar every weekend just because it’s good, right? There are plenty to choose from! So, from time to time I explore the market and see what else is available. Mostly, I find cool welcome packages and lucrative match bonuses, but there is one particular kind of gratuity no serious casino player can withstand. I’m talking about no deposit bonuses.

No deposit bonuses are amazing

The name says it all. All you need to do is open an account, and there it is – a few dollars to play with or some free spins on a cool slot machine. You do not even need to bring out your credit card. Just open an account and that’s it. Because it is impossible to lose, most experienced players are very happy to try out these offers. I do it all the time – at least one new casino per week. No deposit bonuses are found either directly on the casino homepage or through special websites that track casino bonuses.

no deposit, deposit, casino, bonus, online, casino bonusesFor the most part, you lose the ‘no deposit bonus’ you receive, but at least you had the opportunity to try out a new casino. Maybe someday in the future, they will have a cool offer you can use, like a 500% bonus or something. For now, you can try your luck on a cool slot machine for free. Other times, however, I win money. So, I continue playing, and try to fulfill the wagering requirement. Money won from a no deposit money needs to be wagered a few times (usually around 20) before you can withdraw it. In the end, however, I most often decide to leave it on the account – just in case I want to try my luck there again in the future.

Video Poker

video poker, video, poker, online, gambling, casinoIf you want to make the most of the video poker experience, then there’s no better place to start than perusing some of the options in the online casinos. Video poker originated in the 70s, but it has now become one of the most well-known and popular forms of casino entertainment and gambling online.

What is it?

It’s a game that is easy to play and fun to try and master. Based on poker played with cards, it allows you to indulge in all the fun and excitement of the game, but without ever having to leave your own home. Not only that, you don’t even have to be social! And it goes without saying that there is also the possibility for winning large amounts of cash.

What happens is that you can choose to play anything between 1 and 5 coins, and then the machine deals you five cards. You decide from there which ones to hang on to, and which to get rid of. You’re aiming to get the kinds of combinations associated with normal poker – two of a kind, three of a kind, a flush, a straight, or even a royal flush. Depending on the worth of your hand, you are paid out for the game. There’s both luck and skill involved: the luck of the cards you are dealt, of course, and the skill factor, which is in deciding what to let go and what to keep, and of course when to cash in. Some machines offer chances for different kinds of wins, like progressive jackpots or other exciting bonuses. Depending on how much you decide to invest and how much you are committed to the game, some of these may be for you. Be careful, though. The former mayor of San Diego made and then lost a whopping billion dollars playing this game!

What’s in it for the experienced player?

video poker, video, poker, online, gambling, casinoFor those who are looking for a whole lot more than a game of chance, there is an awful lot of strategy to focus on in order to win big, and many online tutorials are focused on helping you to master your game. There are also sites that do calculations for you to determine the best algorithm, which works out the best sites for you to play on, based on bonuses, wagering requirements, and the reputation of the many different casinos out there.

Variations of video poker

There are many different variations of the game to keep you excited. Some of these include Deuces Wild or Jokers Wild, where specific cards in the deck act as a wild card. Bally’s All American is a version of the game where the stakes are higher for certain combinations like flush and royal flush, but lower for more routine wins like two of a kind. There are also low payout versions for those who want less playtime on the machine. But bear in mind that casinos doing this generally increase their promotions to attract more customers.

Whatever you’re looking for along the lines of video poker, you can be sure that with a bit of research you’ll find something perfect for you in one of the many choices of online casinos.

My favourite slot games

favourite slot games, slot games, games, slot, casino, onlineThere are so many exciting and creative games out there on the Internet that it can be baffling as to which ones to choose. Some feature poker type games or fruit machine style slots, or even the baccarat style experience. So what games you will gravitate to really depends on your own kind of personal preference. Finding the right games to suit you can involve a lot of trial and error. But just pick a few games that take your fancy and give them a whirl. Deciding on favourites, though, can take some time, as you’ll want to bookmark the most fun ones, and gradually whittle down the choices. Some games, however, feature a combination of styles, and this kind of variety is probably going to be a winner for those who seek a fun type of gaming experience on slot machines. So let’s find out about my favourite slot games!

Here are three favourite slot games I like, and that might be fun for you to start off with:

favourite slot games, slot games, games, slot, casino, onlineGolden8 Fruit machine: Golden 8 is a 9-reel, 8-payline, progressive slot that offers really fun features that capture your attention and keep you hooked. One really fun aspect is that every payline involves a separate bet. This means that every single payline is worked out individually. Not only this, you can play it anywhere, even on your phone, as long as you have an Internet signal. The slot machine looks impressive, too – its gold colour tones give it a swanky quality. There’s also free spins for a bonus opportunity, which is fun and exciting. There is an element of thinking skills in the free spins bonus round, too, which adds to the excitement and fun of the game.

Jacks or Better is a really fun poker style slot game that works well for those who enjoy cards and the kind of thinking ahead strategy required to outwit the game. It’s really popular and quite easy to play: if you hold Jacks or better, then you receive a payout. So it’s lucrative too!

Striking Sevens is also a whole lot of fun as slot machines go. It’s a really exciting video poker game where all sevens are wild. After every win you can choose to collect your cash right away, or play further by gambling on the double button, which as you might expect, gives you the option to try and double your winnings.

These are just some of the great slot machine options out there that combine some of the best slots features.

Bonuses on Casinos

Everyone enjoys getting money without an investment, right? Well, bonuses at online casinos mean basically that. It means that there is no initial deposit needed in order to play games at a particular casino. All you have to do is sign up to create an account and then start playing until you win. Let’s learn more about bonuses in casinos!

Clearly, when you’re researching the casinos that you want to join so you can start playing to win, a priority for you is to look into casino bonuses and figure out which will give you the best return. The bonus is a new strategy used by many casinos in order to attract new customers. While it is possible to sign in, get free money and start playing right away, it is not always possible to withdraw your winnings without some kind of investment. So if you’re playing to win big, be smart and research any casino with which you plan to create an account before you commit to it!

Examples of bonuses on casinos

Bonuses on Casinos, casino bonuses, casino, bonus, bonusesSwanky Bingo offers up a cool new account bonus – after signing in, you will receive 15 pounds straightaway. Not only this, but once you do make a first deposit of only 10 pounds, you then receive 60 pounds to play with. It almost sounds too good to be true!

Northern Light casino also gives out a free 5 pounds to everyone who creates an account with them, money you can use to play the many fun games on their site.

Bonuses on Casinos, casino bonuses, casino, bonus, bonusesTouch Lucky, a new NetEnt casino, similarly gives away a free 5-pound package to every user who creates a new account with them. You can use this to play their Wolf Pack game, with a possibility of winning up to 500 pounds.

Las Vegas US Casino – with its catchy name suggestive of glamour and fun – offers $25 free without any cash advance of your own. Just start spinning!

If you sign up for Park Lane Casino with the bonus code of 10CASH, you are instantly credited with a nifty 10 pounds to start your spins.

Bonuses on Casinos, casino bonuses, casino, bonus, bonusesEuromoon Casino has a similar bonus. If you establish an account with the code 30REAL, not only will your account be instantly active, but you will also be initially credited with 30 pounds to start playing their games.

Titan Casino also has big bonuses on offer – $5000 with an initial deposit.

Before you register with any casino though, it’s a smart idea to understand their terms and conditions. While many do offer free bonus money for your new venture into the casino world, many expect you to make a deposit before you actually claim any winnings. So, although you can often play for free for a while, this may be an important consideration if you’re hoping to win big without any kind of deposit of your own. Using a site like Casino Top 10 is a smart move, as experts have spent many hours comparing new casinos that have come onto the market. With this is mind, Titan Casino is a good way to go.

Which Casinos are safe to play on?

safe online casinos, online casino, safe, casinoOnline casinos have become all the rage of late. Imagine, instead of all of the effort of going out, it is now possible to recreate the exciting adrenaline-fuelled casino experience inside the privacy and comfort of your own home. Safe online casinos have vastly multiplied in the last few years, as demand has increased, and punters realize that there’s loads of fun to be had and money to be made.

With such a vast choice of online casinos on offer, it is bound to be the case that there are some that are very good indeed and some that are terrible. But, especially for the novice attempting to try their gambling luck for the first time, how is it possible to know which are the good ones, and most importantly, which ones are safe?

In this context what does safe online casinos mean?

A safe environment is paramount, where the games are fair, and more importantly there is a secure way to deposit and receive money online. The good casinos will ask for proof of ID to check that their players are over 18.

What kind of aspects of an online casino will indicate that it’s safe? By and large USA casinos can be problematic. The reason for this is that there are no regulatory laws that check up on casino quality. This means that while some may be excellent, you will have to do the checking yourself. By contrast, casinos that are based in Europe have regulatory bodies that check them out on a consistent basis. Of these, casinos based in the UK tend to be the best.

Things that you should look out for:

Where the casino is licensed. For example, casinos that are based in Europe, especially the UK, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and Malta tend to be good.

safe online casinos, online casino, safe, casinoThe software. Casinos that use RealTime software tend to be quite professional, but beware, as not all are. This is just one factor to take into consideration. Notwithstanding the above mention of American casinos, NetEnt and Microgaming within the US tend to be reliable.

The creators of the casino: look for real information within the website about the name and address of the company. Make sure that this is transparent and not a con!

Ensuring your online safety is obviously crucial to enhanced enjoyment of the online casino experience. With a bit of prior research and checking, you will ensure your safety and the safety of your cash – so then you can relax and start spinning that wheel!

My review on Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

Theme Park, review, Tickets, Tickets of FortuneRemember when you were just a kid and theme parks were the most exciting places ever? Which ones have stayed in your memory? Disney and the Magic Kingdom? Blackpool Fun Parks? Wild Adventures? What was most engrossing for you – the rides like the rollercoaster, the animals, the candyfloss, the games, or just the fun of being with your family on an exciting day out?

More about Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

Well, now there’s an adult version of these favourite memories that has been recreated for you. Imagine if the carefree excitement you experienced as a child could be coupled with excitement for adults, and something you could experience in the peace and quiet of your own home – not only this, but with the added bonus of potential jackpot scoops!

Theme Park, review, Tickets, Tickets of FortuneThis June the most exciting game yet has been released by NetEnt: Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune. The folks at NetEnt are well known as top entertainment providers, who bring a really professional approach to gaming. Digitally distributed gaming systems are at their best when provided by NetEnt because of their impressive digital effects and creative ideas. Some of the best include Gonzo’s Quest, South Park and Scarface, which provide hours of entertainment and great gambling opportunities.

This new innovative game, Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune, promises multiple hours of fun with impressive multi-layered graphics and a range of creative features.

How it works: Ever wanted to visit an amusement park in the peace and quiet of your own home? Tired of queuing for all the best rides? Well, in that case, this is the game for you. Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune combines the best of some of the top amusements parks in the world with all kinds of fun surprises.

But there’s more! For casino lovers, this is the chance you have been waiting for. Thee game not only feature rides and games that will take you right back to childhood, you also have the chance to place bets on them.

But how does it work?

Theme Park, review, Tickets, Tickets of FortuneBright colours and amazing graphics will help create the experience of being in an actual theme park. Add sound effects and speedy visuals, and the exhilarating effects of theme park rides can be yours without all of the hassle. You will feel like you are on the fastest, most impressive rollercoaster of your life. Not only that, you will be spinning higher and higher. The spins that take you up to the hot air balloons at the top of the park, bring you closer and closer towards the jackpot itself. So, you can win huge amounts of money, while at the same time having the kind of fun that is reminiscent of childhood.

Features of the game include Stacked Wild substitutes, the famous Claw feature and six Theme Park bonus games. Spin the theme park bonus wheel or play the theme park ticket game and maximize the fun and potential for winning big money!

So what are you waiting for? Check out NetEnt’s new feature slot and start enjoying the fun of theme park magic, while winning big!